Email Marketing is ranked as the most effective marketing channel, beating out social media, SEO, and Affiliate marketing. However, with the development of marketing, the validations are also growing to keep everything under control and balance.

This should go without saying, but you can’t use Flowio to do or promote anything illegal. To be Specific, we may not allow the following businesses, type of services to use Flowio's Email:

  • Emails offering to sell illegal goods or services

  • Emails that violate CAN-SPAM Laws

  • Pornography/sexually explicit content

  • Escort services

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Gambling services or products

  • Multi-level marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Make money online opportunities

  • Credit repair and get out of debt opportunities

  • Short-term / payday loan services

  • List brokers or list rental services

  • Selling “Likes” or followers for a social media platform

  • Other emails that we find, in our sole discretion, hurt our reputation or our deliverability

Hope this article is helpful with your email campaigns/ marketing/ Automation Flow.

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