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Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
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What is MMS?

Sending SMS messages is one of the popular ways to advertise to your customers about sales programs, exclusive promotions... but there are still certain limitations to this service when it is not quite intuitive and attractive to the recipients.

Therefore, MMS - which you can attach media in your messages, was born so that you can make your promotional messages more eye-catching to attract the customers' attention.

Using MMS is much more engaging to your customers than a plain message. In this article, we will show you how to create an MMS campaign from Flowio in the easiest way.

How to set up your MMS campaign?

It’s pretty simple to set up an MMS message on Flowio. From your Flowio app, click on Campaign > SMS > Create from blank.

Next, you can tick the “Insert Image” option to add your campaign image.

Once the image is attached, our system will automatically define your message as an MMS type. Take a look on the right side, so you can preview the message on your customer's phone.

You might note that MMS is only supported in Canada and the USA.

So, for those countries that don’t support MMS service, your messages will be converted to SMS type. You can switch to the SMS tab to see its preview.

In this case, your customers have to click on the image link if they wish to see the pictures from your campaign.

How to estimate the cost of your campaign.

There are two steps you need to check for the estimated price of your campaigns.

Step 1: Check total messages for every MMSs.

For every message you send, which may contain many characters, it can cost you more than one message to send an MMS. Especially when you attach any special icons/symbols in your texts, it can reduce the limit of characters per message.

To see how Flowio encodes SMS, please refer to this link:

Step 2: Check the estimated price you have to pay.

Go to Billing & Plan > SMS Credits, input the total messages you’ll use and our system will give you the estimated price for your SMS campaign.

For instance, if your MMS takes 2 messages to send, and the number of your recipients is 100 contacts, it will cost you around 2*100 = 200 messages to send your campaign in total. Therefore, Flowio gives you an estimated price of $9.00.

If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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