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Understand the definition of double Opt-in and how to create it on Flowio

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What is Double OPT-IN?

Unlike single opt-in, which identifies customers as subscribers immediately after they sign up, double opt-in requires one more step. It occurs when a person subscribes to an email marketing list and then is redirected to a confirmation page to verify their subscription. Only after the confirmation click is completed will the user officially be added to the email marketing list.

By activating double opt-in, you'll know the email address is for a real, monitored inbox and remove fake sign-ups. It will also help to increase open rates, decrease bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates due to higher quality subscriber lists.

How to create an opt-in confirmation email on Flowio ?

Double opt-in is optional on Flowio. It can be enabled via the Welcome New Subscriber Flow. To create an opt-in confirmation, proceed to the "Flow" tab > Click on "+ Create new" or “Templates” > pick on the "Welcome New Subscribers" objective.

You can visit the link to know more about how to create a Welcome New Subscriber flow.

In the Email component > Click on the Button in the email > Open opt-in URL

To learn more about how to edit your email template, hop into this link.

Once the flow is set live, customers who sign-up will be redirected to a confirmation page. They will have multiple options on receiving emails: Only receive notifications, receive all kinds of emails, or unsubscribe.

After choosing a suitable option and pressing “Save change”, a small notification banner will appear to let them know that they have successfully subscribed/unsubscribed.

If you need more support, please let us know via our live chat or email us at support@flowio.app.

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