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Understand the importance and how to create a basic Loyalty Exclusive Flow

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Loyalty Programs (also known as Thank-you Notes) are an effective flow that involves rewarding existing customers with free gifts, discounts, and/or exclusive access. They're made to reward clients for their persistent involvement and devotion to your company, as well as to create strong trust with them.

This flow will be split into 2 cases to help you easily engage with your customers:

  • Order value: This condition will be triggered when customers get to a certain amount of money they have spent on your products.

  • Order count: This condition will be triggered when customers have reached a certain order count of your choice

How to create a basic Loyalty Exclusive flow

To create a Loyalty Exclusive Flow, navigate to Flows > Templates > Loyalty Exclusive.

At the Entry Trigger component > choose which case will enter the flow. After that, add a new Condition component by dragging-and-dropping it from the sidebar to your flow, then choose "Email has any value". Your flow will be split into 2 scenarios: WHEN MATCHED and IF NOT, customers who meet your conditions will receive an email. You can check this article to learn more about setting up Condition for Automation Flow.

One or two follow-up emails to your customer is recommended here. The 2nd email can be sent 24 hours after they receive the 1st email, as a push or a final call.

Depending on the trigger you choose, there might be some minor differences in the message content. Emails with stunning designs would be a great idea as they can be a useful tool to show appreciation to your loyal customers.

Flowio allows a lot more customization in order to provide a better, more personalized purchasing experience. You can easily alter the email and SMS content, add numerous messages, and build different flow forks, among other things. You can create a more sophisticated workflow with our Condition component.

If you need more support, please let us know via our live chat or email us at support@flowio.app.

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