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Learn how to segment your audience automatically on Flowio

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Segment your audiences is extremely important if you want to succeed with your E-commerce business. With Flowio, you have a way to manually create your custom contact segments via the Contact feature, you can read this article for more in-depth instructions.

Besides that, do you know that you can segment your audience automatically?

Introducing our Auto-tag component which enables you to do just that.

How to do it on Flowio?

It’s very simple, you just need to add the Auto-tag component while you are setting up your Flow.

The contacts who enter the flows will be automatically tagged based on the way you want them to be. The Auto-tag component often follows the Trigger or the Condition components. The more detailed your triggers and your conditions are, the more specific the tags will be for your Audiences, and it will benefit you in the future for running your Email Marketing campaigns or Flows.

For instance, you can set up for the customers whose order counts are more than 5 to be tagged as VIP as shown in the screenshot below you can use this Auto tag in Loyalty flow.

Or in Welcome New Subscribers you can tag the contact who is is New Customer so that you can have a marketing plan for the future.

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