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How to access the Live Chat mobile version?
How to access the Live Chat mobile version?
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Why do I need Live Chat on my mobile?

Có thể là hình ảnh về văn bản cho biết 'Flowio FlowioSt Store Hey, you'v got new message! FLOWIO STORE Have you heard something news? There'll be BIG SURPRISE from Flowio this 27/12 L O'

As you know, to effectively manage and respond to incoming messages from your customers, it is not a good idea to sit in front of your computer 24/7. Understanding the importance and urgency of this, from version 4.0 of Flowio we have brought a major update that will allow you to manage your conversations completely from your mobile device.

We believe this will bring a lot of convenience to you, thereby helping to optimize and give timely replies to your customer messages, this would somehow support you in getting more sales.

So, in this article, we will show you how to access the Live Chat mobile version.

How to do it in Flowio

To do this, you just need to follow 2 simple steps as follows:

  • First, you need to access from Safari / Google Chrome web browser on your mobile device.

  • Next, you just need to log into your store domain from Shopify / Shopbase that has installed the Flowio app.

Live Chat interface on the mobile version

Once you have successfully logged in, this is the interface of Live Chat on mobile. Here in the Conversation section, you can check the latest messages that have not been resolved and check the old tickets that have been closed.

Next, in the Widget section, you can freely change the design of your Live Chat style that would perfectly match your brand vibe.

And last but not least, it's the Notification system settings. Once you are in the Setting section, you can see that our system will notify you by sending messages to the email address that is used to sign up for a Shopify account.

To learn more about the Live Chat notification system, please refer to this article for more details.

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you need more information or advice to customize a suitable pricing plan, do not hesitate to contact us via Chat or email for timely assistance.

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