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Benefits of using Live Chat Campaigns and how to set it up on Flowio

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There are 2 traditional methods that will come straight to anybody's mind when mentioning marketing campaigns: Email & SMS. Both have extremely great benefits which have been proven over generations. But every marketer knows their mutual downside - these campaigns happen when the customers are not actively engaged on the website.

With the release of Live Chat, Flowio provides you with an alternative yet more effective way to encourage customers to buy through marketing campaigns. Live Chat is so much more than a tool used for conversations.

What are the benefits of using Live Chat campaigns?

Keeping customers on site as long as possible is important, but what you do with them is even more crucial. We don’t want to let them slip away quickly. We want them to be treated so well that they do not want to leave, or when they have to leave at the end of the day, they feel whole with their experience. With the Live Chat Campaign, customers can be actively engaged when they’re online. There are various uses for the campaign: Send surprising gifts to customers; give them tips when they are viewing certain products or direct them to specific collections. Even some regular greetings might please them more than we think.

How to set it up on Flowio?

Navigate to the Chat menu and choose Campaign List. You'd need to enable the Chat Widget first, review this article for detailed instructions. Click Create New to make a new campaign.

  • Display: Set when to display the chat message

  • Page: Set specific sites that you want the chat message to appear

  • User: To whom this chat message show

  • Time: Set the delivery time of the chat message

  • Message Editor:

Tip: You can encourage customers to interact with the chat message by adding Link, Image or Button via


Once done, the Chat campaign will run as follows:

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Live Chat in Automation Flow

You can integrate the Live Chat into your Automation Flows with the Live Chat component. Specifically, the Welcome new subscribers and Segment leads flows. Conventionally, Email and SMS are used for these flows. However, they would interrupt the customers' experience because customers need to navigate through different channels to read their emails or SMS. With Live Chat, the messages are sent directly on your website, which helps bring pleasure to customers, thus more engagement and conversion.


Impressions will count each time a message is sent via the Live Chat widget.

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