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Cross-sell Recommendation Flow

Understand the importance and how to create a basic Cross-sell Recommendation Flow

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Following up with a consumer after they've purchased a product by cross-selling a similar spin-off is a good idea. Through Flowio's Cross-sell Recommendation Flow, merchants are able to target customers with products and services that better match their needs based on the following order status:

  • Order Paid: when the user has fully paid their order on your store.

  • Order Fulfilled: when merchants shipped all the items in an order.

  • Order Delivered: when the shipping carrier completely delivered the items to users

* Friendly Reminder: We run this flow based on Shopify APIs and shipping status (if you’re using Shopify Shipping for stores based in the United States, Canada, or Australia). Merchants that have bought shipping labels should use the “Order Fulfilled” trigger and add a delay based on the estimated delivery time instead of " Order Delivered” to make sure all orders will enter the flow, since it might not be updated on time.


To create a Cross-sell recommendation flow, navigate to Flow -> Cross-sell Recommendation. At the Entry Trigger -> choose which actions will enter the flow:

One or two follow-up emails to your customer is recommended here. Depending on the trigger you choose, there might be some differences in the message content.

With the “Order paid” trigger, the 1st email should be payment/order confirmation and discount offer for next purchase. With two other triggers, it would be a better option for a quick product review and give your customer a small discount code as a thank you gift. The 2nd email can be sent about 24 hours after they receive the 1st email, as a push or a final call.

Following up with your client is maybe the most vital part of their buying journey. It is the apex point after all. Hold on to the perfect time, send out key messages and don’t be afraid to lead: what they found most helpful or useful, what could use improvement and why they’d want to return to you at a later date.

If you need more support, please let us know via our live chat or email us at

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