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When is the best time to send Abandoned Order emails?
When is the best time to send Abandoned Order emails?

Get some insights on the optimal sending time for the Abandoned Order emails and how to add them to your Automation Flow

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Did you know that, according to independent research from Statista, in August 2017, about 77.3% of all online orders are abandoned, instead of being purchased?

In such a situation, the solution of reminding and encouraging customers to return to complete the payment of forgotten orders is very important. Even better, it will all happen automatically from the backend, helping you a lot in recovering your lost revenue.

In this article, we'll learn about:


Discount codes and Exit-intent Pop Up are some of the ways that you can keep customers from abandoning their carts.

A. When is the best time to send Abandoned Order emails?

Send the first abandoned order email one hour after the abandonment event.

There should be an appropriate time frame for interacting with customers who have abandoned orders. Because if we contact them too early sometimes not bring the most effectiveness, or contact them too late can bring worse results (as they could purchase from somewhere else...)

The conversion rate of emails sent after 60 minutes of customers abandoning the order is the highest, because:

  • If a customer forgets and hasn't paid for your order in less than 60 minutes, there's usually a high chance that they actually intend to buy from you, most likely they're just busy with doing something else and temporarily not completing the payment step. Thus, if you send a message too soon, it will somehow annoy your precious customer.

  • Second, if you send reminder messages too late (after 60 minutes) maybe your customers are searching for the same products from another store at that time, so if there is no timely action, you may lose money from potential customers.

Send a second and the third abandoned order email to recover the most revenue

What if your customers do not receive or forget to check the first email? Thus, in order to increase efficiency in capturing all the lost revenue, it is quite necessary to continue following up with those customers.

The second email should be sent at least 24 hours after the first email. If the first email is a gentle reminder, the second email should create a sense of urgency. Let your shoppers know that their carts will soon expire and that any discounts won’t be guaranteed later.

Here is a demo automation flow specialized for Abandoned orders that you can create from Flowio.

B. How to make the Recover Abandoned Order Automation flow from Flowio

From your Flowio main page, go to the Flow section and hit the button "Create new" > The page will lead you to Templates

Next, click on the Recover Abandoned Order flow to start customizing your own.

Our system will offer you three different types of flow, here you can choose what is the most suitable to start with.

After you have selected an Automation flow that best suits your needs, you can select The Entry Trigger with: The user left at Cart Page or The user left at Checkout page. (To understand the difference between these two triggers, you can refer to this article)

Furthermore, if you haven't experienced this kind of flow from any other app, this option is suggested to be selected, as it would help you to convert the Abandoned Order up to 60 days from the past.

In the end, you just need to continue to design the email template and choose an appropriate subject title to be most attractive to customers. After you have completed the necessary things, you can check it again before starting the Set live flow.

Hopefully, this article has been useful to you to better understand this type of automation flow.

If you need further assistance, please contact the customer support team directly via Live-chat or email support at

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