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Welcome New Subscribers Flow

Understand the importance and how to create a basic Welcome New Subscribers Flow

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"Welcome New Subscribers" is perhaps the most common Automation Flow objective. When new visitors sign up to your website by providing an email address or phone number, they have shown an interest in what you will offer them and provided you with various marketing opportunities. Sending a welcome email to your newly subscribed customers can help you make a great first impression, introduce yourself, and learn more about them.

Welcome New Subscribers automation flow is triggered when the customer opts in to receive your marketing messages. There are 2 ways you can check user information from these opt-ins: Email address OR Phone number.

Now you can choose these following events to trigger the flow:

  • New customer2 created as non-subscriber (they can be a previous buyer, created from Shopify, leave their information on checkout page, etc.)

  • New customer created as subscriber

You can also require specific user source from Shopify (Shopify customer list) or from Flowio (Flowio's pop up, live chat, manually added) by ticking the corresponding box.

How to create a basic Welcome New Subscribers flow

To create a Welcome workflow, proceed to the "Flow" tab -> Click on "Create new" -> pick on the "Welcome New Subscribers" objective.

From here, you can choose "Check user information by" their "Email address", then select both New customer created as non-subscriber and subscriber as entry triggers to increase your chance of reaching your customers. After that, add a new Condition component by dragging-and-dropping it from the sidebar to your flow, then choose "Email has any value". Your flow will be split into 2 scenarios: WHEN MATCHED and IF NOT, customers who meet your conditions will receive an email, and those that don't will receive an SMS. You can check this article to learn more about setting up Condition for Automation Flow.

Include a discount code in the email, which serves as a welcome gift from your store and an encouragement for your customers to place their first order. You may want to send the second email after 24 hours to those who haven't opened the previous one. This is something you can accomplish by turning on these Follow-up actions: "Check action after delivery" to "Opened email", and "Delay before moving to next step" to "1 day(s)"

You're almost there! Now proceed to Settings, set up "Stop sending at a certain time" to stop your flow from sending messages outside of their working hours. Customers who enter the flow in the selected timeframe will not receive your messages or notifications until the time is up. Also exlude customers who have already entered the flow to avoid spamming and sending replicated emails.

Recheck everything one more time then you can "Set live" and wait for the result to come in.

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