We offer a monthly volume of Impressions and Emails when you finished app installation, regardless which plan you're on. To check your current monthly quota, view our Flowio Pricing Plan.

Proceed on reading more below to understand clearly how we price on the monthly volume usage

What if I need to send more than my monthly email limit?

If you exceed your email sending limit on the Free plan, you can manually refill your email quota by switching on the 'Auto button from your app account.

Here's how it works:

  • ‘Charge now’ does not change your billing cycle. The billing cycle is not extended or shortened.

  • When you approve the usage charge, you will be billed $1.5 for an extra of 1,000 emails.

  • The charge will be recurring when your email credits go down to 10 emails. Please note that we cannot charge you more than $500 per a 30-day billing cycle.

  • The charge will be included in your monthly Shopify bills.

  • The extra emails will not expire at the end of your billing cycle.

  • Please contact us at support@flowio.app if you want to send unlimited emails per month.

What if I don’t want the extra emails & impressions anymore, can I cancel it?

You can hit the ‘Cancel’ button anytime to stop the charge for extra emails. Your email volume will not be recurred after you cancel the usage charge, so in case you run out of the emails, your campaigns will be frozen until the free email volume is reset on the next billing cycle.

How to count the total emails and impressions volume after upgrading?

If you upgrade your plan during the current billing cycle, the new cap will be added to your maximum usage quota right away. You can continue using all the tools that require impressions/ emails.

All the usage numbers will be reset at the start of new billing cycle.

What if I want to get lower monthly quota, what should I do?

You can downgrade to a lower plan to get smaller monthly usage quota. But if you've used up the quota on your current plan and want to downgrade, it can not happen immediately as you'd have to wait for the billing cycle to start over to downgrade.

In case you want a special plan with custom set of features and monthly quota - you're welcome to contact our Support Team at email support@flowio.app for further assistance.

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