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Understand the importance and how to set up a basic Segment Leads Flow

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Building client databases and managing audience lists for your business are constant challenges. Seeking out new customers while nurturing and maintaining existing ones for repeat business is no easy task. However, things are going to change with Flowio Engage & Segment lead automation flow.

At Flowio, we use lead scores and propensity to buy to segment customers based on their behavior and interaction on the website. Every action your customer takes will be tracked and given a numerical score or a percentage of buying potential. And in contrast, they also lose the score if there were no actions or interactions taken in the last 7 to 30 days.

You can follow the table below to know in detail how we evaluate your customers through lead score and buying potential. Or you can check here for detailed information about Leadscore & propensity to buy

From the Lead Score & propensity to buy, we divided into 3 types of audience you need to take care of:

  • Potential customers, who have Lead Score greater than 50 and propensity to buy greater than 60%. This type of customer frequently shops in your store or bought something just recently. We just need a little push to purchase, like discounts, free shipping codes, giveaway items, etc.

  • Need nurturing customers, who have Lead Score greater than 50 and propensity to buy less than 60%. Any customers constantly visit your e-shop, actively interact with your content but have not bought, they are usually “window shopping” just checking products between stores. Recommended actions for hot reach are special deals to boost sales or update hot trends.

  • Slipped away customers, who have Lead Score less than 50 and propensity to buy less than 60%. A red flag warns merchants that any customers in this group are at risk of losing, their behavior include: No longer engaging with your campaigns, stopping visiting your store, no longer buying anything from your store. Immediately customer win-back actions should be taken here: send them an email to remind them about you and your products such as: Are you still with us, new updates, coupons.


Right after you know where their interest and desires lie, tailor your offer to those by creating an Engage & Segment lead flow for each types of customer:

  • Navigate to Flow > Engage & segment leads. At the Trigger component :
    Choose between or all conditions “My leads reach a certain score”, “My users reach a certain buying potential" and "My users has been tagged as"

  • Then enter the specific Score, Percentage and Tags in regards to the types of customer you need to take care of

An ideal flow usually consists of 1-2 emails to attract customer attention and build connections with them and perhaps offering an incentive to complete the purchase. The 2nd email can be sent about 24 hours after they receive the 1st email, as a push or a final call.

You can create a more sophisticated workflow with our component such as tag all customers entering a flow with Auto tag or create a condition to funnel your customers, etc.

People love personalized experiences! After all customers are segmented into different groups, we need to personalize the process to build familiarity, and familiarity builds a repeat customer. Above are some guidelines on what you can use the opportunity to humanize each other, yet again building a stronger relationship.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Chat or email us at

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