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Add DNS records to your Shopify bought domain
Add DNS records to your Shopify bought domain
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Flowio supports 2 ways to add a verified sender:

In this article, you will learn about method number 2: Add your domain and send any email address on a custom domain. This is the most recommended way to help you build your sending reputation and reduce the rate of your emails landing to customers' Spam box

Also, this article guides how to verify from Shopify bought domain; it is similar to other DNS managements (GoDaddy, Mailchimp...).

Step 1: Add a new domain

From Flowio Dashboard, go to Email > Outbound Domain > Add custom domain

- Submit your custom domain and then click the "Verify domain" button. (Not including http/www (or https)

Step 2: Verify domain

After you add the domain successfully, click on DNS settings and there will be a popup to show you the DNS records that need to be added to your domain provider (Shopify).

From your Shopify Admin page, you go to Settings > Domains

Next, click on the Manage button on the right of your custom domain in the Shopify-managed domains box.

On the next page, click DNS settings

After that, Shopify will bring you the page which allows you to add the DNS record from Flowio.

Step 3: Copy the DNS records from Flowio to Shopify.

Now, there are 2 records that need to be added, let's start first with the CNAME record

Hostname, you enter: pm-bounces

Value (or Points to), you enter:

(Make sure there is no space in the end and also the beginning of the text)

Secondly, you need to add the TXT record.

So, go back to Flowio page, copy the record given in the DKIM row to insert to these blank.

Make sure the Hostname of the TXT record will be removed with the domain name, so it should be ended by domainkey

For example, you can see the Hostname given from Flowio is , but when we input it to Shopify, it should be 20211221072238pm._domainkey instead.

Click confirm and double-check all of the 2 records.

After that, you need to wait a while, usually within a minimum of 12 hours for Shopify to complete the process of verifying the newly added DNS records (sometimes it only takes a few minutes to do this).

Go back to your Flowio setting page, click the "Verify domain again" button to complete the verification process.

In case the system needs more time to finish and you are in a hurry to run your email marketing campaign, you can temporarily Add your custom sender signature instead (note that, this way, the recipient can still see mail signature sent from your address, but actually it was sent from our outbound domain)

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to let us know via the chat or email us at

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