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How can I create an exit-intent Pop Up?
How can I create an exit-intent Pop Up?

Understand the definition of an exit-intent Pop Up and how to create it on Flowio

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What is an Exit-Intent Pop Up?

Exit-intent means when a visitor is about to leave your website. An exit-intent Pop Up is displayed when a visitor decides to bounce.

It is used to collect more forms, generate more email subscribers, and reduce cart abandonment by showing a popup once a visitor's cursor leaves the frame of your website.

Common exit-intent Pop Up strategies include:

  • Offering a discount code or coupon

  • Creating a free eBook or guide to download

  • Encouraging visitors to read reviews or watch testimonials

  • Directing them to a new site tool

How does it help?

When the visitors for any reason are about to leave your store, the Pop Up will appear right before they can do that. In this way, it will distract their exit intention. At this point, you can offer them an instant discount promo code to convert into a successful conversion or just simply ask them to leave information (email/ phone number) for future promotion.

The most lucrative benefits to effective exit intent strategies are:

  • Email list growth: exit-intent popups that ask for an email address can encourage 4% to 7% of your site visitors to join your list. That could lead to two new email addresses for every 100 site visitors.

  • Improved conversion rates: average conversion rates are 3.09%, but the best popups can have conversion rates from 10% to 60% if you optimize them properly.

How can I create an exit-intent Pop Up?

First, go to the “Pop up” section > click on the "Create new"/”Template” button.

Next, you can choose from some of the templates we offer or click the "Create from blank" button to start from scratch.

Next, at the Editing page, you can start designing Pop up according to your ideas.

After you have finished your design, at the Settings > Display step, select the option "When users are about to exit the page" and that's it, you can start clicking the Set live button to enable this Pop Up.

Don't forget to check the other settings to complete your Pop Up and make it display to the right people and at a right time.

Above are the simple steps to design an Exit-intent Pop Up. We hope that this article was helpful to you.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us via email for timely assistance.

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