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Pop Up 'Form Submitted'
Pop Up 'Form Submitted'

Understand the importance of a Pop Up "Form Submitted" and how to edit it on Flowio

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Pop Up form is a simple yet effective tool to collect leads with easy operation. And to trigger customers subscribing to your mailing list, you can offer them attractive offers, discount codes, or promising exclusively tailored promotions.

With Flowio, you can offer the deals via a Welcome email or directly on your Pop-up form submitted page.

What is the "Form Submitted"?

Thus, the Form Submitted is considered as a thank you page that appears immediately after the customer submits their information.

It serves as a confirmation that they have successfully registered, as well as a place for you to reveal the secret gifts that are offered. Here, you can write a short thank-you note along with the coupon, or even a back-link to participate in the VIP group.

Why it is so important?

Imagine if you design a Pop Up that requires customers to fill in information but you already leave the promo code on the main page, will they still have a reason to subscribe?

In another case, your customers will find it difficult to understand if after they sign up, the Pop Up window closes and there is no other response then. Surely this will somehow confuse them.

In case you don't want to bother your subscribers with emails, you can push your subscribers to make a purchase right away after they just subscribed and they don't have to go anywhere else to get the code.

Tips: You can make use of Teaser to pin the code in case the subscriber visits your website the second time and has not used the coupon. Refer to this article for in-depth instructions.

How to edit the Form Submitted on Flowio?

First, complete your Popup design at the Main Page section

Next, click on "Form Submitted" to start designing.

Here, when you hover your mouse on the button, you will see we suggest the "Copy from Main Page" function. When clicking this option, the Form Submitted page will be copied according to the design and layout of the main page. This will save you a lot time.

In the end, all you need is a little tweak, like adding a promo code, writing a thank you note that your customer has joined your mailing list.

We hope this article was useful. If you want to know when is the best time to display Popup, this article may help.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or email us at

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