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How to manage my Conversation?
How to manage my Conversation?
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When the Live Chat feature has been turned on, the Conversation is the place where you can manage all the dialogues you have with your store visitors. Navigate to "Inbox" button on the left tree menu and you can perform these below actions:

Open new conversation

When you enter the Conversation, you will see all the opened conversations by default. You can sort them by Newest or Oldest conversations. All your conversations will appear on the right side of your screen

Close a ticket (and reopen a closed ticket)

When a conversation has been finished, it can be closed by clicking the button that says “Close conversation”, located on the right side of the screen.

The same button placement is for your closed conversations, but this time it is the “Reopen conversation” button.

Audience management

You can view the details of your web visitors by clicking on the “Open Menu” button.

The “Audience Detail” will open with all the relevant information of the visitors.

Now, let’s steer the conversation the right way for them to become your potential customers!

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