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How to enable the Live Chat widget on my website?
How to enable the Live Chat widget on my website?
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First, you need to turn on the Live Chat feature. Please follow the below simple steps:

  • Navigate to the Chat button on the left tree menu.

  • Then, choose Chat Widget and press on the toggle to turn on or off the Live Chat feature.

Customize the Style

This is where you can edit the chat widget and the chat window. These below elements can be customized:

  • Icon position: Bottom Right or Bottom Left.

  • Main color: You can pick the color of your choice to be the background of the messenger icon and also the theme of the chat window.

  • Logo: We recommend using your store logo to further increase your brand awareness.

  • Button: What the button will say prior to customers starting new conversations.

  • Header & Description: Put in the greetings that catch your customers’ attention.

  • Chat theme: Light or Dark theme

Check the chat widget appearance

You can check the appearance of your Chat widget in real time while you are having it personalized. When you are finished, hit Save and the Chat widget will be ready on your store website.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via

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