Popup is a powerful tool to help attract your store visitors and turn them into potential buyers. Expanding your customer base, increasing revenue with an exclusive experience, or testing out a new offering are all benefits that Popup brings to your store.

However, if the visitors who left their contacts are not engaged and nurtured the right way, they are unlikely to become your customers. Question now is, what can you do for them to ultimately purchase your products? How to quickly make them feel fully at home and happy to open their account for your store?

What you do with the information matters. And of course, you would want them to be automatically greeted via Email or SMS as an Automation Flow “Welcome New Subscribers” is already in place for your store.

How to do it on Flowio

First and foremost, you would need to have a Popup ready for your store. You can review this article for detailed instructions on how to have a popup created.

Once your popup is ready, follow the below steps:

  • Select Automation flow on the left tree menu

  • Choose an existed Welcome new subscribers flow (or you can always create a new one)

  • In the Trigger component, turn on the trigger, “New subscriber from Flowio popup and form”. When the button is turned on, it will turn Blue

  • Select “Pick from your list” and Add the Popup of your choosing

  • Hit Save on the top right of the screen

  • Returning to the Automation Flow menu, you will now see the Popup template has been linked to your flow

  • On the Collecting leads menu, you can also see the Popup has been linked to the Automation Flow

How to Unlink the popup with your automation flow

  • In the Trigger component, turn off the trigger, “New subscriber from Flowio popup and form”. The button will now turn from Blue to Gray as it has been turned off.

If you need any further assistance, please let us know via our live chat or email us at support@flowio.app.

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