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How to make your pop-up target the right customers?
How to make your pop-up target the right customers?

Leverage Audience Targeting to Trigger Popups at the Right Time

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Pop-up campaigns with no specific goals can easily reach the wrong audience or fail to deliver correct messages. Using distinct conditions to funnel your audience list on each Popup might bring incredible results. Flowio Pop-up settings helps you identify specific groups of interests, so you can convey targeted information

There are three conditions in the Audience rule:

  1. Device: Flowio popup feature allows you to hide or show your popup when users view your site from mobile devices (or Tablets, Desktop PC) or Desktop only

  2. Behavior: Some messages should appear to new visitors in order to acquire more leads on your site, while some others should be shown only to those who return to make another purchase.

    *Note: If you don't set up this attribute, your message will display to All visitors as default. To make it look not so mechanical, you can use Frequency capping to control the appearance of the popup per visitor.

  3. Location: Target the audience by country. There are 2 options of grouping your visitors with this attribute: Are from & Are not from

For example: If your business is in the US, you could create a discount pop-up which targets the audience there only. On the other hand, you could offer some small discount in the pop-up only to returning visitors to push them to purchase.

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