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Collecting Leads in Flowio
Collecting Leads in Flowio

Popup is an ideal way to convert your website visitors into loyal customers and grow your mailing list

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Flowio collecting lead features will be displayed as eye-catching message pop-ups when customers have interaction on your site. It is considered one of the most divisive tools for both marketers and users, here are some reasons why many websites use popups as part of their marketing strategy:

  • Grab the customer’s attention

  • Drive more traffic

  • Increase conversion rate

  • Announce discounts and sales

  • Collect subscribers

In this article, you’ll get to know about 2 common types of pop-up and how to design and edit a pop-up form with Flowio.


Depends on your needs, there will be 2 types of pop-up forms that you usually see when browse any website

  • Sign up form pop-up helps you connect with your store visitors and easily gather new contact information, which can be used in Welcome new subscribers trigger or other Marketing campaigns. Capturing their email addresses or phone numbers is the first vital step in converting website visitors into customers. Some valid reasons to sign up for a contact list can be the content of a weekly newsletter or first access to your sales before anyone else.

  • Seasonal promotion Pop-up is another way to drive sales directly and funnel visitors to your checkout. An outstanding promotional pop up will capitalize on your holiday traffic. In case you want to go above and beyond for your customers, a special sales campaign for your loyalty club members and promote it with a popup is recommended.


In your Flowio account, navigate to Collecting leads and choose to Create new. From our pop-up pre-built templates, you can easy customize to match with your brand style by:

  • Replacing the existing image by the others

  • Editing the text

  • Changing the color background

  • Adjusting the border the weight and the rounded corner

  • Linking to your product's URL

Here is the recipe for a winning pop-up:

  • Catch your visitors’ attention with eye-popping color images

  • Write powerful headline

  • Offer a small discount code

  • Encourage visitors to act fast with CTA button

  • And if it’s a sign-up form, don’t forget to add “Input field” to collect customer data such as: name, phone number, email

Besides, hover anywhere on the popup and you will see a (+) button, by clicking this button you could insert the following items to your popup:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Button

  • Image

  • Countdown

  • Coupon

  • Input field

Note: The app has not been supported to generate discount codes yet for your discount campaign. Instead, you have to do this on the Shopify admin page.

>>> Check the article Creating discount codes for the instruction

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