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How to customize the SMS sender?
How to customize the SMS sender?

Understand the importance of having your own SMS sender name and how to do it on Flowio

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Brand Your SMS With A Sender ID

By the amount of spam and unwanted messages people receive on a given day, it’s no surprise they often ignore messages from an unfamiliar number. And if that message comes from a strange international number, the chances of a recipient opening it are particularly slim.

Therefore, setting up your own SMS sender name will help increase the open rates, reinforce your brand and improve message delivery also.

How to do it on Flowio?

You can process it from both the SMS campaign and the SMS component when setting up an Automation flow.

  • Choose the SMS component.

  • Click on the top right button. (Remind that you need to top-up before to be eligible)

  • Enter your sender name.

  • Besides, we show a message preview window so you can double-check.

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