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Setting up the Sender Email Address
Setting up the Sender Email Address
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If you enabled your campaign and saw the notice such as below...

... You could recheck your sender email address from the Email Settings section:

As default, we use the address: as the sender address.

Of course, you can change it. But make sure that you have an email address that includes your domain name. For example, your sender email address should look like (e.g or

*Note: Our system allows you to add sender email addresses from public mail clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc... But be aware that sending mass email marketing from a personal address can cause inbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc., to flag your messages as spam.

Let's read further below to learn how to change your Sender Email in Flowio system.

Add sender email address (sender signature) to Flowio:

  • Navigate to Settings > Email Sending Signature > Add sender signature

  • Add your email address in the field > click on ‘Create signature’ button.

Check your mailbox and confirm the sender email

You will receive the confirmation email from our system.

… Click on ‘Confirm Sender Signature’ button

In this way, you can start using your sender address in email campaigns, but please note that the mailed-by domain still remains as

In case you would like to improve your sending reputation, we suggest that you should add a custom domain. After doing that, you can add any sender addresses that are from the verified domain straight in the email campaign. Please click on this article to learn more about custom outbound domain.

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