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Place a condition in your Automation Flows
Place a condition in your Automation Flows

Understand the ‘Condition’ component and how to set it up for your Automation Flows

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The ‘Condition’ component can help you split the flow and target your customers with different scenarios based on the information available in your customers' profiles.

For example, with an abandoned checkout flow, you can conditionally sort your audience by their order value so that high-value orders will receive an email with a little discount; low-value orders will receive a simple reminder email only:

Setting up Condition for Automation Flows

To add a new Condition component, simply drag-and-drop it from the sidebar to your flow. Your flow will then be separated into 2 scenarios: WHEN MATCHED and IF NOT, so that you can plan your strategies for people who match the conditions and who do not.

Platform's information

Our system will get the information from your platforms such as user data and order information, you could apply it to Condition for the flows:

Use cases:

  • For Recover abandoned orders flow, your customers are likely to exit the checkout page after leaving their email address or phone number. You can add a condition then choose "User data is matched with" > then scroll down to find Email > choose "has any value". The flow will be split into 2 branches: orders that meet your condition will receive an email, and those that don't meet the conditions will receive an SMS.

  • By using Loyalty exclusive flow, you can send an email with a discount code to a customer who has spent a certain amount of money but hasn't returned within 30 days as a thank you gesture for their trust and to encourage them to order again. In Condition, simply choose "Last order date" is "more than 30 days ago".

Follow-up actions

For your perusal, let's say you have a Welcome flow that sends your new subscribers a thank you email with a discount code to encourage them to place their first order.

You may want to send the second email to those who haven't opened the previous one after 24 hours. This is something you can accomplish by turning on "Check action after delivery" -> "Opened email" and set "Delay before moving to the next step" to 1 day(s).

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