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Before you launch an SMS campaign
Before you launch an SMS campaign

A few things to notice before launching your SMS campaign

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SMS is no doubt a marketing channel that has an average 98 percent open rate. And if you had decided text message marketing is right for you, here are something you would absolutely need to know to create best campaign practices:

I. Click-through URLs

Make sure you have a clear CTA to tell your customers what to do (E.g. buy an item on your website). Furthermore, you should keep your message short and sweet as you only have 160 characters, so get to the point right away. Put your value proposition up front and use a URL shortener to avoid long, unsightly links.

With Flowio, the process is automated. You just need a click to enable the auto URL shortener and all the links in the SMS message will be replaced with unique

Here are some apparent benefits of shortened links:

  • Increased Click-Through Rate: Shorter links can have a higher click-through rate than longer URLs because they look trustworthy and professional.

  • Cost-Effective: Long URLs may result in multi-part messages, definitely increasing your SMS costs.

II. Emojis in text messages

Emojis are a fun way of expressing sentiments, thoughts and ideas so when a brand sends an SMS online and includes an emoji, it is certainly more likely to stick in the mind of customers. Just providing emojis in every text message is inappropriate, so make sure that emojis are right for your brand before using it.

Ensure that you know your audience well. There are thousands of emojis available today, but not everyone understands what they mean.

Emojis may display differently depending on devices (iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, etc), so your customers may receive emojis in a manner differently than you intended.

III. Personalize your text message with content variants

Content variants - or you may call it as Dynamic fields - are a simple yet extremely effective way to further personalize the SMS. It establishes a more direct and informal relationship with the recipient.

Please refer to this article for more information > How can I display my customers’ names automatically in an SMS campaign?

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