Content variants - or you may call it as Dynamic fields - are a simple yet extremely effective way to further personalize your messages. It establishes a more direct and informal relationship with the recipient. Instead of using “Hey you” or “To whom it may concern”, how about “Hi Trish, It’s Devonne from the Flowio app team” as an intro? Personal and friendly is always a great place to start.

At present, we're offering various types of content variants in 2 main categories: Customer & Order - which you can use in either Email or SMS. These will save your time by automatically replacing the content variants with the information from your Shopify data and Audience list.

Here are the types of content variants that we currently offer:

For SMS messages

You can add content variants by selecting one from the 'Personalized content variants' dropdown menu from your editor view:

For Email campaigns

You can add content variants from the side editing toolbar:

Fallback fields

You can use the Fallback fields to set default content to be used in case the personalized content variant has no content or does not exist.

For example, if you set up default content for {{}} as ‘Valued customer’, then this content will display in any messages to customers who did not leave their name when they entered your email list.

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