Abandoned recovery flows are one of the most valuable flows for any e-commerce business. They’re a quick message or sequence of messages sent to someone who added an item to their shopping cart but failed to complete the purchase. Not contacting these customers is leaving money on the table

Flowio allows you much more customization and targeting than your platform’s default abandoned checkouts flow. You can fully customize the content of the email and SMS, add multiple messages, and branch the flow based on things such as the value of items in the cart, and much more.

We split into 2 cases to help you recover your order:

Abandoned cart

Abandoned cart flow will be triggered when customers add products to their shopping cart then leave the site but don’t click on the ‘Check out’ button. Our system only sent messages to customers who take the following actions:

  • Login to your website by email address or phone number;

  • Click on Email/SMS sent from Flowio system;

  • Sign-up via Shopify form (usually placed at your website footer).

To create an Abandoned cart flow:

  • Navigate to Automation Flows > Recover abandoned orders

  • At the Trigger component > choose ‘Users added item(s) to cart and left’

An abandoned cart flow usually consists of 1-2 emails reminding your customers that they have items left in their cart and perhaps offering an incentive to complete the purchase. The 1st email should be sent within the first hour or two is best. The 2nd email can be sent about 24 hours after the cart abandonment, as a push.

Abandoned checkouts

Abandoned checkouts flow will be triggered when customers leave their information at the checkout page but didn’t finish the payment. We run this flow based on Shopify APIs, so if the Abandoned Checkout orders are available in your Shopify dashboard, we will get that order information to trigger the flow.

To create an Abandoned checkout flow:

  • Navigate to Automation Flows > Recover abandoned orders

  • At the Trigger component > choose ‘Users filled in at checkout page and left’

Just like abandoned carts, abandoned checkouts can encourage a customer to complete the transaction. You can create a more sophisticated workflow with our Condition component. Check this article to learn more about setting up Condition for Automation Flow.

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