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Why is my imported file rejected?
Why is my imported file rejected?
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Each time you import a contact file in Flowio, we look for duplicates, incorrect formats, and syntax errors. If your file fails to upload or some contacts are rejected when your file is finished uploading. The rejected contacts will be returned by file, you can download and check them:

Look for the following common errors below that may be causing this problem:

The file format is unsupported

Exported files from other Email Service Providers may not be formatted in a way that our tool can manage, so you may have to convert the file format to make it work. To learn more about formatting the file, you could look at this article How to import contacts by CSV file.

Also, make sure the file you upload is a CSV/CSV-UTF8 or Excel file (.xls/.xlsx). The system does not support .vcf (vCard), or other file types.

Required information is missing

The fields Flowio requires are either Email or Phone number, other fields are optional. So if you leave these 2 fields blank, our app will not accept your file.

Email address/phone number is in invalid format

Flowio will automatically skip the contacts that are not in a valid format.

  • A valid email address, such as, is made up of a local part (demo), an @ symbol, and a case-insensitive domain part ( If any of these required parts are missing, we consider the email invalid.

  • With the phone number column, the number must be entered in the following format: +[country code][phone number] and this number must exist.

* You don’t have to add the ‘+’ symbol before the country code

** Important note:

The input file should be saved in CSV UTF-8 format. This ensures that all your text such as name, address, etc are imported accurately. If the CSV file is not UTF-8 encoded, then symbols like ™, ®, ©, etc. get converted to unwanted characters.

  • Google Sheets:

You'll need to download it as .CSV before import it to Flowio. Click File > Download > Select Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)

  • Microsoft Excel

Save the file in a CSV UTF-8 supported file format

  • ‘Numbers’ program (for Mac user)

If Mac users want to edit files, please notice files should be exported to CSV UTF-8 from 'Numbers program.

Try Export to CSV > Advanced Options

At the 'Text encoding' dropdown field > Select Unicode (UTF-8).

If you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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