SMS/Email marketing automation is a powerful process that allows merchants to connect with their customers, achieve their marketing goals, and increase sales through custom /sms messages sent on your schedule based on customer behaviors

Flowio lets you create marketing automation that targets specific customers to notify them of multiple events. Each automation flow serves a different purpose and demand on your specific goal.

Measuring and categorizing customers by lead score and propensity to buy is one of the important keys to boosting revenue and reducing costs for your business. Targeting the right segments, you can increase conversion rates by including relevant recommendations or content and to communicate with customers at the right time via multi channels.

Here are best practice flows we recommend you to match the re-engaged goals with customers needs:




Potential customers

Lead score > 50 AND Propensity > 60%

Customers interact with your site many times (view pages, open emails….), and are interested in products such as add to cart, enter checkout,...

Merchants can give them discount code/ private sales or promotional campaign for new arrivals collections

Email: promotional/new arrival campaigns with discount coupons.

SMS: flash sale, private sales campaign.

Need nurturing customers

Lead score > 50 AND Propensity < 60%

Customers actively view pages many times but don’t have actions related to purchase such as add to cart, enter checkout.

Merchants can give them special deals to boost sales

Email: special deals/ discount coupon

A/B test: 2 emails that have different content. Merchants can track which content email attract customers

Slipped away customers

Lead score < 50 AND Propensity < 60%

Customers are at risk of losing. They have almost no interaction with the website for a long time

Merchants can give them some update about products, promotions for new customers, discount code or free shipping campaign.

Email: discount code or free shipping promotions to attract customers to interact with the site.

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