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Leadscore & propensity to buy
Leadscore & propensity to buy
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Flowio holds the desire to help merchants grow their business with the lowest cost. Beside the automation flows, we also provide advanced tracking factors on customer behaviors to help merchants understand their potential customers clearly through their activities on the website. So they can reach customers timely and increase the purchase decision making.

We support 2 key tracking factors based on customer behaviors:

  • Lead score

  • Propensity to buy

Let's look into each of these factors in greater detail

Lead score

“Lead score” is the process of ranking prospects by their purchasing readiness. Each new lead is given a numerical score indicating whether and how potential they’re likely to buy. Those scores help merchants focus on only the best opportunities, maximizing conversion rates by launching variety promotion campaigns

Each new lead in the app with order count = 0 will have a lead score with 4 level tags corresponding to the total lead score.

  • High chance: lead score > 80

  • Potential: lead score from 50 to 80

  • Warm: lead score from 20 to 49

  • Neutral: lead score <20

For the audience who doesn’t have any actions within 60 days, the system will change the audience tag to slipped away.

When the audience has purchased an order (order count > 0), the lead score will be hidden at the audience detail screen.

The lead score will be shown up again and be re-evaluated if the audience doesn't have any order within 30 days since the first order was created.

You can follow the table below to know in detail how we evaluate your customers through lead score

Propensity to buy

"Propensity to buy" is a value which represents how likely a customer is to purchase a particular product. It can classify potential customers by their likelihood to purchase order. This can be integrated into marketing and sales strategies.

The percentage of buying potential allows merchants to be significantly more efficient with their marketing, leading to increased sales without any increased costs.

With Flowio, each user will have a “Propensity to Buy” percentage with a capped point of 90%. It evaluates transaction customers data, such as how many times a customer clicked/opened an email or interacted with your website (viewed product pages, added to cart, entered checkout,...)

It will have 2 rating status that shown on the customer detail page:

  • Gray status: Propensity to Buy <60%

  • Green status: Propensity to Buy > 60%

When the audience has purchased an order, the percentage of buying potential will be reset to 10% and be re-evaluated.

The score will be reset 0% if the last seen action of the audience is more than 30 days.

You can follow the table below to know in detail how we evaluate your customers through their buying potential

Measuring and categorizing customers by lead score and propensity to buy helps you build potential customers profile based on their behaviors and interactions with your website.

Therefore, you can create specific marketing flows to engage your customers by segmentation and alter the way to interact with them to increase the conversion rate

You can check the following article for preference on How to target your customers through leadscore & propensity to buy.

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