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How to accept/remove the Collaborator Account?
How to accept/remove the Collaborator Account?
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What are the Collaborator Accounts?

Collaborators are Shopify Partners who have access to your store. They're similar to staff but offer additional benefits. Collaborators can log in from their Partner Dashboard, and their access to your store can be set to expire. Collaborators also don't count towards your staff limit.

Why do we need access to your store?

There are some difficult situations to investigate your store deeper, and it's the main reason why we need permissions to access to your Products, Apps, Theme, and Orders information.

  • Theme: in case you had a problem with storefront display when using our features, Theme permission is compulsory for us to understand your problem further, we might take a look at your code and adjust it if needed.

  • Apps: our app does not work correctly, and its settings are one of the main reasons for that, so we need permission to re-check it.

  • Orders: in case you encountered an issue with Automation Flow regarding the order variants.

  • Products: we need to check whether your products from Shopify are synced to our apps properly or not.

We do understand your concern about your confidential information, we do have Privacy Policy, so please do not worry about leaking your valuable information.

How to accept collaborator accounts for bug fixing?

After the request access was sent to your store, you will receive either an email or a notification that pops up in your store.

Via your email:

Via your Shopify store:

  • You'll receive a request from us inside your Shopify Dashboard, then you can either hit the View Request button in your email or Review Request button in your store to grand access for them.

  • Finally, select the Accept Request button to complete.

How to remove collaborator accounts?

After fixing the bug successfully, you can remove the collaborator accounts out of your store. Let's check out the steps below:

  • From the Shopify Dashboard select Settings, then find the Plan and permissions

  • Scroll down the mouse to find the Remove collaborator account section, then remove the account you want.

  • At this step, you are required to enter your store password to confirm that you want to remove the collaborator accounts

  • Finally, hit the Remove button to complete.

Could I edit the permission after accepting the request access?

Yes, you can definitely edit the permission. Let's see the steps below:

  • Select Settings in your Shopify store, then find the Plan and permissions

  • Seek for the Collaborator accounts sections, then hit the store name you want to edit the permission

  • Untick the button Allow full access to select the appropriate permission

  • Click the Save button to complete

Should you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us at

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